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stage Dublino Londra



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Minimum age : 18 years old

Minimum length : 4 weeks

English level : upper intermediate of spoken English

(At least 58 TOEFL test)

Dublin attracts people so much for its nightly entertainment with many bars as for the friendliness of the Irish. Dublin is not only famous for its festivals, the most notable of the world, but also for its universities. If you also want to find Ireland improving your English level and your skills, this program will definitely be interested.


- Being 18 and +,

- Having an intermediary level and + of English,

- Having a knowledge, an experience or having studied in the demanded sector,

- The candidates must be responsible and motivated, must take great care and respect the host firm,

- Having an interest in the sector in which you apply and being able to use the knowledge you acquired in the past.


- From 1 to 6 months (for the internships less than 2 months, the sector and the type of job can not be guaranteed),

- From 1 month and more : administration but it is not possible to specify the sector or the position. However,   according the level of English, the internship can be done in charity organizations - shops / offices or in the hotel sector - caffé / hotel,

- From 1 to 3 months : Possibility of asking of a specific sector and the type of work but no guarantee to find one,

Possibility in charity organizations - shops / offices where there are general administration tasks

- From 3 to 6 months : Possibility of asking for a specific sector or type of work. It will be guaranteed according to the experience, the qualification and the level of English. In every case there will be a lot of administration tasks and the position will be "junior".


Accountancy and finance, administration, advertising, art, architecture, communication, consultation, education, ingeneer, decoration, fashion/design, restaurants and hotels, health, human resources, import/export, technology, journalism, law, marketing, press, ONG, edition, entertainment, shops, selling, social studio, telecommunication, tourism, logistic etc...


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How to register

Send all the following documents between 6 and 8 weeks before the departure :

- Curriculum vitae,

- Motivation letter written in English,

- Enrollment form fulfilled,

- 3 choices of sectors in which you would like to o the internship, in your preference orde,r

- Cheque of 130€ to the association Euroma,

- 1 identity photo (attached to the registration file).


Accommodation in Irish host families : welcoming persons and economical choice for Irish visitors. The best choice to improve your English level because you will speak English with the family.


- Single room  :  190€ / week per person in half-board *,

- Double room : 170€ / week per person in half-board

* half board is breakfast and dinner

Possibility of sharing an appartment according to the availability between 400 and 500€ / month according to the district.


The search of the internship is 400€

1. Options : language courses before the internship : 175€ / week - 20 lessons / week

2. Language courses 25 lessons : 215€ / week

Transfer from and to the airport : 90€. Participation to the excursiosn (prices on request)


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