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Courses for adults



Age : from 15 years old

Minimum length : 1 week

Dates : all year round

Our school

The language school has a medium size and has gained. The British Council Accreditation. It is situated in a great residential district of Brighton and Hove, the most famous holidays spot on the sea of the United-kingdom. The school is near the sea with a little distance from the city center. We offer a good service of accommodation in host families from Brigthon and Hove, who live almost always less than 20 minutes walk from the school. The school offers a high quality study program with classes of 9 students and with a number of maximum 12 students. Our teachers have all important experience (10 years on average). What is more the students are followed by tutors who organize their training and check individually the improvments.


- Fulfill the enrollment form and send it to Euroma Association. Once the courses will be confirmed, they will have to be paid.












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General English : The best way to quickly improve your grammatical knowledge by learning new vocabulary. This program allows you to learn how to use English in an efficient way. The teachers help you to trust yourself so as to master the language the most quicly as possible. We suggest a large choice of hours from 6 hours to 30 hours a week (25 hours a week). Level : Beginners not allowed. With this course, once you will have reach the IELTS level you will be able to pass from the general English course to the preparation of the IELTS at every time. In the morning there will be the general English courses and in the afternoon the preparation to the exam.

Number of weeks 1 - 4 5 - 11 12 - 23 24-35
Price/week 20 lessons 205£ 195£ 172£ 157£
Price/week 28 lessons 250£ 240£ 212£ 190£

Exams preparation courses : It is an option if you want to study either in the summer of in the winter and maybe to pass the exams during your holidays. This course is available only for students with an intermediary or advanced level.

* IELTS : the exam can be passed every month

The techniques and exercices of the exam will be taught by doing preparations to the exam. It is possible to pass from the "general English" courses to the preparation of the exam when you think you are ready.

The courses begin each monday except the preparation to the exams (to see on the spot). The maximum number of students per class is 12 students. The students will be 16 years old and more (average age 23). Each lesson lasts 45 min. 20 lessons = 15 hours in the morning. 28 lessons = 21 hours in the morning and the afternoon. There are no lessons on friday afternoon.

* SUMMER : IELTS, Cambridge FCE and CAE

Number of weeks

Price/week 20 lessons 205£
Price/week 28 lessons 250£

* Preparation to the Cambridge exams : FCE and CAE (between 125 £ and 140 £ enrollment fee)

For the students who want to obtain their diplom to have their language knowledge recognized or for a future enrollment in an anglo-saxon University. General English in the morning and preparation to the Cambridge exams in the afternoon.

- First Certificate (FCE) level intermediary high

- Cambridge Advanced (CAE) only for advanced

Number of weeks 1 – 4 5 – 11 12 – 23 24 - 35
Price/week 20 lessons 205£ 195£ 172£ 157£
Price/week 28 lessons 250£ 240£ 212£ 190£

Individual courses : A good choice if you need to perfect your knowledge for instance Business English (10-20 or 30 lessons a week). Level : Beginners are allowed.

General English and private courses : 20 general English lessons in the morning and 8 hours of private lessons in the afternoon. Levels : Beginners are not allowed.

Private course : 40£ lesson, general English or business English (60 minutes).


* SUMMER COURSE : (from 22th June to 24th August) - Age : from 15 to 18

Price/week (20 lessons) : 490£. In this price are included : the lessons, the vouchers for the lunches and picnic lunches for the week ends, the tickets for the excursion day (saturday) and the afternoons and evenings of activities. The accommodation is included : private room in a host family in half-board. Excursions which are not in the "package" are charged. Beginners are not allowed.


- Single room half board (breakfast and dinner) 140£/week

- Double room half board (only for friends and family) 130£/week

- Single room with breakfast 125£/week

- Double room with breakfast 115£/week


* In host families from the 15/06 to 24/08 additional charge of 15£. Arrival on sunday and departure on saturday.


Transfer from Heathrow airport : 114£ single,

Transfer from Gatwick airport :     68£ single,

Transfer from Stansted airport :   140£ single


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