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Courses for adults





Minimum age : + 16 years old

Minimum length : 1 week

Period : all year round

Our school

Marbella is a cosmopolitan city of Spain which is situated in one of the most beautiful region of Spain. It offers a lot of sport possibilities : sailing, windsurfing, horse riding, tennis, volleyball, climbing and is situated near Grenada (2 hours) where you can ski. Marbella is also know to be the golfer's paradise. There are a lot of golf courses with quality kits and this make Marbella the best place to practice this sport. The gastronomy in Marbella is various and rich. The students will be able to taste the Paella, the Gazpacho, the Pescaito frito and Marasco and the famous Sangria.

Our Marbella school is located in one of the most emblematic and commercial areas of Marbella. Situated in the very centre of the city, 5 minutes from the beach. It is also easily accessible by bus. The teaching staff is highly competent and specially trained in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. We place great emphasis on our selection of teachers (all of them must be Spanish native speakers), who have been carefully chosen for their interpersonal skills, ensuring a warm and friendly atmosphere for the students. Our teachers' goal is to help the students intensively develop their reading, writing and speaking skills in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

The group of teachers has an excellent level and is specifically qualified for the spanish teaching to foreigners. We are really carefull concerning the teachers selection. They are native spanish speakers and their are carefully chosen to guarantee a good and nice atmosphere during the courses. The objective of our teachers is helping the students in reading and writing. Each student will have a individualized attention to solve the problems that he could have and to improve his spanish.


All the accommodations are carefully chosen by the school in order to satisfy all the requirements and not far from the school. The accomodation id booked from the sunday just before the beginning of the courses to the next saturday at 12:00 after the last day of courses.

In host families

  Double room Single room
With breakfast 155€ 180€
Half board 175€ 200€
Full board 195€ 220€
Extra night 35 €

The price includes : sheets, duvet and towels. The linen is changer once a week. The students can only receive phonecalls.


  Double room Single room
from 1 to 4 weeks 140€ 170€
Extra night from 18/09/11 to 17/06/12 35 €
Extra week from 18/06/11 to 17/09/12 60 €

A deposit of 150 €/ person is compulsory. 20 € will be asked for the housework fees.


Throughout the month we organise guided city tours and visits to museums, churches and old historical areas of Marbella, Malaga (Ubrique, Pueblos Blancos) or Gibraltar and to nearby cities such as Seville, Granada, etc. Most of them are free of charge and are held in the afternoon.
The school also organises optional weekend excursions throughout the year to the heavenly beaches in Tarifa, to historical buildings of Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona, to the mysterious Morocco, etc. They are offered at reasonable prices.


- Fulfill the enrolment form and send it with a cheque of 130€ to association Euroma





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Intensive : 20 lessons a week : General course,

Super intensive : 30 lessons (class between 10 and 14 students),

One to one : private lessons a week,

D.E.L.E : 5 lessons.

Lessons hours :

*morning : 10-14,

*afternoon : monday and tuesday from 16:00 to 17:15 and wednesday and thursday from 16:00 to 16:50.

D.E.L.E preparation :

D.E.L.E (Diploma of Spanish of foreing language) is the only official diploma of Spanish for the foreign students. Given by the "Cervantes Institute". This diploma is very important for all the students who would like to study in a Spanish University or who would like to work in a Spanish language country. The objective of these courses is preparing the students to pass the exam of one of this 3 levels :

1. First diploma of Spanish,

2. Basic diploma of Spanish,

3. Advanced diploma of Spanish.

We offer 2 different types of D.E.L.E based on comprehension, writing, oral communication and listening :

INTENSIVE D.E.L.E : 20 lessons made of 10 individual lessons with direct relation with the specific study of the D.E.L.E.

Individual lessons : The objective of this program is offering a personal teaching method according to the needs of each student. The courses are individual and the students can choose their hours and how the time will be spent (from monday tp friday from 10:00 to 20:00). For the student who asked for an intensive program of Spanish these courses are unlimited in time. The courses are individual grammar, conversation, comprehension, reading, writing and specific vocabulary (business, Spain history, art, litterature...).


Lecture types Price Length
Basic 20 lessons

135 €

130 €

1 - 7 weeks

+8 weeks

Basic 15 lessons

120 €

114 €

108 €

102 €

1-3 weeks

4-7 weeks

8-11 weeks

12+ weeks

Super intensive 30 lessons

221 €

214 €

205 €

197 €

1-3 weeks

4-7 weeks

8-11 weeks

12+ weeks

One to One

30 €

125 €

200 €

1 Lesson

5 lessons/week

10 lessons/week


Lesson types   24 weeks 36 weeks 48 weeks

Language Semestre & Year (LSP/LYP)

* Max. 12 weeks : the candidates must take an accomodation for the length of their courses

* Open choice 20 (price per week)

* Open choice 25 (price per week.)

2640 €

3504 €

3960 €

5256 €

5280 €

7008 €


Lesson types 4 weeks 8 weeks
Intensive D E L E 20 + 5 private lessons 840€ 1680€


  per person
From Malaga Airport 70€
From Malaga train/bus station 80€
From Marbella train/bus station 35€


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