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Minimum Age : 17 years old

Minimum length : 1 week

Period : All year round

Our school

Created in 1992 in the marvelous city of Alhambra, considered as one of the wonders of the world. Granade is situated in a special geographic position : to only 30 minutes from the natural park of the Sierra Nevada and from its ski station and to 45 minutes by car from the famous Costa Tropical.

The school is in the very city centre, in the unique quarter of El Realejo, less than 5 minutes walking from Puerta Real, the Cathedral, Gran Via de Colón, theatres, hotels, restaurants, shops etc. To sum up, you will be able to learn Spanish in the calm atmosphere prevailing in this Realejo area and at a stone's throw from the heart of the city, surrounded by all the facilities and comforts.

Five classrooms are totally dedicated to the study of Spanish with TV, videom DVD, CD... All of these and the little number of students per class (max.8 students) create an family and personalized atmosphere and relation which help the learning of Spanish to be more natural.

The free services for students are :

- Level test the first day,

- Welcome party,

- Delivery of a certificate at the end of the courses,

- Lessons extra per week,

- Library loans service,

- Internet access,

- WIFI in all the school,

- Discount for the students of the school in several Grenade's shops.


- The week of accommodation begins on sunday previous to the courses and ends on saturday following the end of the courses,

- Each extra night, previous or following the arrival or departure day will have a different price according to the type of accommodation choosen by the student,

- Each student can come with a person who does not want to follow the courses but who needs an accomodation. This person will have to pay the price of the chosen accommodation + an extra fee and will be able to participate to the activities organized by the school,

- Arrival time : Approx. 16.00. Departure time : Before 12.00,

- Every participant will find in the accommodation all the necessary kit for the room (kitchen, sheets, duvets ...) but he will have to bring his own towels and products for the personal hygiene,

- The distance between the school and the accommodation is approx. 15-20 min.

The school offers these following types of accommodation :

Shared appartments : The appartments are full furnished. The rooms have a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair. The common areas are a living room (TV, TDT, DVD), a kitchen (fridge, hoven and hotplate and a washing machine), a bathroom. If the appartments are full, the student will have an accommodation with Spanish people but will not have to pay the price difference.

Host family : half board (2 meals : breakfast, lunch or dinner) or full board (3 meals : breakfast, lunch and dinner), in a single or double room. It includes a clothes wash once a week. It is necessary to specify during the registration if you have any allergies, if you smoke or not and if you have particular food habits.

Shared appartments with Spanish people : In this case the student will be able to share the appartment with a Spanish family or with an independant person with direct use of the kitchen.

Hotel / Exclusive "hotel and appartment : The school can also book this types of accommodation. The price depends on the student's demand.

  Single room Double room
1 week* 110 € 95 €
2 weeks 215 € 185 €
3 weeks 315 € 268 €
4 weeks 410 € 348 €
Extra 410 € + 95 € /
extra week
348 € + 80 € /
extra week
Extra night : 20 € 17 €

*The accommodation week begins on sunday before the courses and ends on saturday after the courses. It is necessary to inform the school of any changes (early arrival or late departure) and in this case to pay the extra nights according to the type of accommodation chosen.


Family (Home-stay)
Full board Half board
Single room Double room Single room Double room
35€ / night 32 € / night 30 € / night 28 € / night

The price that the "invited person" will have to pay depends on the chosen accomodation + 25 €. The "invited person" will be able to participate to the courses activities as if he was a student.




Our school offer a wide range of activities to enhance your learning experience. A daily programme that not only helps you to learn the language, but that also creates different contexts in which you can practise it, making easier the immersion in our culture and traditions.
This programme is complemented with different excursions in the week-end.
Moreover, there are always many things to do and see: concerts, festivals, museums etc. We will inform you about every event taking place in Granada during your stay.

Activities included in the course price :

     - city guided tour,
     - welcome party (in summer),
     - debates on current events,
     - excursions.


- Fulfill the enrollment form and send it with a cheque of 130 € to association Euroma.






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Our courses are structured in 6 levels according to the European classification of the learning of languages. The levels are:

Level A1(Elementary) The student exchanges information with questions and short answers in a clear and concrete communication context (DELE A1)
Level A2 (Base) The student understands, communicates and expresses himself in Spanish, spoken or written using a simpe language in daily life situations and cultural aspects. (DELE A2)
Level B1 (Intermediary) The student understands and is able to express himself in the communication contexts of his daily life and is able to resolve problems alone. (DELE B1)
Level B2 (Advanced) The student understands and expresses himself automatically in general situations, exchanging information. He speaks about his personal behaviours concerning familiar or interest subjects and speaks about his own experiences. (DELE B2)
Level C1 (Superior) The student understands and expresses himself in different situations with complexe language structures in a fluent and spontaneous way. (DELE C1)
Level C2 (Improvement) The student expresses himself in an appropriate way in every situations. He uses language and cultural elements that a native speaker uses the meaning nuances. (DELE C2)

Description and Dates


- The length of each lesson is 45 min.,

- The lessons are given from monday to friday except public holiday. The school is closed during the following National Days in 2012 : 6 January, 25 March, 5 and 6 April, 1 May, 15 August, 12 October, 1 November, 6 December, 8 December, 25 December. There are also 2 local days (23 June and 15 September), determined every year by the local authority. When there are 2 holidays in the same week, the school is closed only one day,

- The time of the Spanish lectures can vary between morning, early afternoon or late afternoon because of the time of the meals in the case of an accomodation in a host family with full board,

- The lessons are given exclusively in Spanish even the first day and for all levels,

- The school provides the necessary material to the students for the lessons : books, complementary material but not the dictionnaries,

- The max. number of student is 8 and the minimum is 2. If the minimum of students is not reached, 50% of the lessons will be given individually and without paying the price difference satisfying the level and requirements of the student with the following conditions : 20 group lessons become 10 individual lessons, 25 group lessons become 13 individual lessons and 30 group lessons become 5 individual lessons.

- 5° and 6° lesson : if the student is the only one who have the 5° or 6° lesson, the lessons will become individual and the number will decrease as followed : 5 group lessons become 3 individual lessons and 10 group lessons become 5 individual lessons.

In any case the student will not have to pay the price difference.

- Before the beginning of the course, the student will have a level test to determine his Spanish level in order to place him in the right group according to his grammar and conversation knowledge,

- At the end of the Spanish course the student will receive a schoolgoing certificate. On request from the student, the school will be able to give an aptitude certificate after the passing of an exam,

- The Spanish courses are integrated in a Daily Program of Cultural and Recreational Activities and Excursions.

I. Intensive course
20 lessons / week
4 lessons a day
This Spanish course is composed of 4 lessons a day : 2 communicative grammar lessons and 2 of conversation : oral and written practice. In this course all the language abilities are required (listening, reading, written and oral production).
II. Intensive course
25 lessons / week
5 lessons a day
This Spanish course is composed of 5 lessons a day : 2 communicative grammar lessons and 2 of conversation, written and oral practice + 1 revision lesson or communicative practice with new vocabulary and idioms. In this course every language abilities are required (listening, reading, written and oral production)
Start date: All the monday of the year
Minimum length: 1 week
III. Superintensive course
30 lessons / week

6 lessons a day
This Spanish course is composed of 6 lessons a day : 2 of communicative grammar and 2 of conversation + 2 revision lessons or communication practice with new vocabulary and idioms. In this course every language abilities are required (listening, reading, written and oral production)
Levels: All
Start date: All the monday of the year
Minimum length: 1 week
IV. Combined course
20 group lessons+ 5 individual / week

4 lessons a day
This Spanish course is composed of 4 group lessons a day (2 of communicative grammar, 2 of conversatuib and oral and written practice) + 1 individual hour which take into accounts the academic necessities and the student preferences. In this course every language abilities are required (listening, reading, written and oral production).
Levels: All
Start date: All the monday of the year
Minimum length: 1 week
V. Private lessons
The student chooses the number of Spanish lessons he wants to have. These lessons are "made-to-measure" for professional, academic, work interests... These private lessons can be combined with other types of Intensive course of Spanish.
Levels: All
Start date: All the monday of the year
Minimum length: According to the student


VI . D.E.L.E.(Course of Preparation of Spanish Diploma as a foreign language)

  • 20 lessons or 5 lessons / week,
  • 4 lessons a day or 1esson a day*,
  • D.E.L.E. are official titles which certify the level of skills and knowledge of spanish. It is given by the Cervantes Institute which has gained the accreditation of the Ministry of Education and Sciences of Spain.
  • 6 levels are existing : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2,
  • The school offers courses for the preparation of the D.E.L.E exam. They consist of 4 lessons a day focused on 5 tests of the exam :

  • - Oral comprehension,

    - Oral expression,

    - Written comprehension,

    - Language used,

    - Writing.

    The course is made to allow the students to familiarize with this kind of test. It is compulsory that the student already has a level close to the one of the D.E.L.E exam that he wants to pass. If not, the school will help the student to choose the exam option which goes the best with his knowledge.

    * The option of one lesson a day has the same program but more spread in the time. It is better if this lesson is considered as a complement of a course taken in our institute by the student. However, it is possible to enrollment for this lesson only.

    (In the price, the exam taxes are not included but the school can pay for these taxes and can give the student all the information he needs about the hours, the place of the exam...)

    Levels : A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2,

    Start Dates : All mondays,

    Minimum length : 1 week.


      I. Intensive
    II. Intensive
    III. Super Intensive
      4 lessons/day 5lessons/day 6 lessons/day
    1 week 228 € 285€ 343 €
    2 weeks 380 € 477 € 572 €
    3 weeks 518 € 648 € 778 €
    4 weeks 657 € 821 € 985 €
    Extra week 137 €/week 172 €/week 213 €/week


      IV. Combined V. Individual VI .D.E.L.E.
      4 group lessons + 5 indiv/day 2lessons/day 3lessons/day. 4lessons/day. 2lesson/day 4lessons/day.
    1 week 363 € 268 € 402 € 536 € 150 € 285 €
    2 weeks 652 € 536 € 804 € 1072 € 250 € 477 €
    3 weeks 922 € 804 € 1206€ 1608 € 350 € 648 €
    4 weeks 1195 € 1072 € 1608 € 2144 € 450 € 821 €
    Extra week  269 €/ settimana       100 €/week 172 €/week


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