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Courses for adults


Florence, Milan, Rome


Minimum Age : 16 years old

Minimum Length : 1 or 2 weeks according to the program



Famous for its night life, Florence is at the same time modern with all its theatres and an old city, with so many monuments to see. The school is situated in a beautiful historical building with a magnificent view of the Cathedral. Located in the heart of downtown Florence, you may reach the most famous sights in a few minutes' walk. We offer courses for every level, with a maximum of 12 students per class.


Welcome to Milan, the capital of business, fashion and design. Milan is the second biggest town in Italy, and the most economically developed. Here you can meet people from every region of Italy and from every country of the world. The city is busy day and night. It offers a wide range of restaurants, discotheques, cinemas, bars, charming cafes with theatre-like furniture. "La Scala", the most famous opera house in the world, the Duomo and a lot of other important sights awaits you. Our school is located inside a student campus in the Navigli district, a perfect meeting place for artists with numerous cafes and bars. From here you can reach the most famous squares and sights in a few minutes' walk. We offer courses for every level, with a maximum of 12 students per class.


Welcome to Rome, the capital of Italy, known as the "Eternal City"; it is a monumental city, with a wide cultural offer : from museums to parks, from art galleries to unique archaeological sites. Rome is famous for its vivid night-life, its family run restaurants and hotels. Rome has also many theatres, cinemas, restaurants, clubs and markets it will be difficult to choose from. The hospitality and warm character of its people will make it easy for you to make new friends. Rome is a cosmopolitan city with so much to offer to the visitor, it is one of the perfect places in which to learn Italian. Our school is located in a typical aristocratic house in the centre of the Old City and only a short distance from the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona. We offer courses for every level, with a maximum of 12 students per class.


One of the free services offered by our schools is finding suitable accommodation for our students. Accommodation is regularly checked by our schools. You can choose from one of the following possibilities:

- Single or double room in a family with breakfast,
-Single or double room in a family with half board (breakfast and dinner),
-Single or double room in shared apartments, bathroom and kitchen shared with other students or with the -landlord/landlady,
-Single or double room in "extra confort" shared apartments, bathroom and kitchen shared with other students,
- Hotels of all categories,
- Private apartments (independent flats),
- Residences.

Sport and leisure time

The cities and their surroundings offer a nearly unlimited variety of leisure activities, which you might undertake on your own. We offer some leisure activities ourselves and organise on a regular basis:

- dinners, which enable teachers and students to get to know each other better,
- guided art history visits,
- film evenings at school,
- half- and full-day excursions,
- mountain-bike tours,
- visit to a wine cellar.

Every month our schools distribute their own calendars of culture and leisure activities.

Activities per week (organized and supervised by our local team) : -1 full-day and 1 half-day excursion - Activities: sports, swimming, culture, evening entertainment (Welcome-party, beach activities, BBQ, cinema, bowling etc.)






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Standard Italian Language Course : (4 lessons) a day, 20 a week). To learn how to communicate in the every day life,

Intensive Italian Language Course : (6 lessons) a day, 30 a week). This course is a standard course completed by 2 additional lessons a day, with practice in speaking and conversing,

Intensive Italian Language Course « Plus » : (4 standard lessons + 1 o 2 lessons of private tuition a day). The Intensive Plus Course consists of the Standard Course Plus additional private lessons (one-to-one). The individual lessons are specifically designed for your specific needs. We offer two kinds of Intensive Plus Courses: Intensive Plus – 5 course : 20 lessons of standard course and additional 5 private lessons per week Intensive Plus – 10 course : 20 lessons of standard course and additional 10 private lessons per week,

Small Group Intensive Italian Language Course : (6 lessons a day, 30 a week, in small groups of 2 to 5 participants). For students who want to learn quickly and intensively in a small group, or wish to increase their knowledge, the Small Group Intensive Course is tailor-made for their needs. The Small Group Intensive Course is held only in Florence and Rome,

Italian Language and Culture Course « Italy Today » : (25 lessons per week). For students who want to learn Italian and at the same time become acquainted with the culture and history and the current social and political situation of their host country, we suggest to choose the "Italy Today" Course,

Middle Length Standard Course : (minimum 6 weeks), 4 lessons per day, 20 per week,.

Long-Term Standard Course : (minimum 12 weeks), 4 lessons per day, 20 per week. Many of our long-term students are preparing to enter university or rounding off their Italian Long-Term Standard Course with the recognised AIL "Firenze" examination,

Long-Term Semester Course : (minimum 12 weeks) 4 lessons per day, 20 per week. If you would like to live in Italy for several months, our schools offer you the possibility of an attractive package. You may start learning Italian in Florence, and after a few months you can move to Rome, Siena or Milan. The curricula in the semester course are the same; thus you can change the course location any time you want and you will make the most of your stay in Italy,

Academic School Year:(32 weeks, 650 lessons of language, culture and exam). The “academic year” is a 32 week language and culture course for students who wish to experience living and studying in Italy. The course is composed of a linguistic element (standard courses + preparation for the two diploma “Firenze” AIL exams DILI and DALI), an academic element (civilization, history, business, design, gastronomy) and private tutoring,

Private tuition :(3 to 8 lessons per day, 15 to 40 per week). If you want a course that suits your particular professional and personal needs, as well as your own time schedule, we suggest you choose our tailor-made private tutorial programme. Should you already have sufficient knowledge of Italian, you can also learn vocabulary oriented to certain professions, such as general business Italian, banking, trading, import/export, law, insurance, marketing, medicine and so on. 1 teacher for 1 to 3 students,

History of Italian Art : (6 lessons a week). A second ability level is required. The course is designed to show, by means of slides and guided visits, the development of art in Italy in relation to the rest of Europe and offers you an introduction to the most important artistic styles,

Italian Cuisine : (1 meeting of approximately 3 hours per week). Our cooking course will enable you to prepare typical Italian meals and to learn recipes from the various regions of Italy.

Italian Wines : (1 meeting of approximately 3 hours per week). Our wine course gives you an introduction to the art of grape cultivation, processing and storing of the most well-known Italian wines. The practical part consists of wine tasting,

Drawing Course : (2 afternoon meetings of approximately 3 hours per week). This course, available to beginners and advanced students is usually organized in the following way: Realistic representation of still life, importance of lines in an object’s character, discovery of chiaroscuro and perspective,

Painting Courses : (2 afternoon meetings of approximately 3 hours per week). The course is outlined for those students that have already a good drawing ability and would like to learn watercolour techniques,

Italian design : (2-week course, 6 lessons a week) Attention : The course is not held in August and September. This course will enable you to study the history of Italian Design and learn about the influence of Italian design in daily life,

Italian Fashion :(2-week course 6 lessons a week) Attention : The course is not held in August. Armani, Ferré, Ferragamo, Versace and many more famous Italian fashion designers are waiting to be discovered in our Italian Fashion course.














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