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Paris, Bordeaux, Biarritz

and Nice

Minimum age : 17

Minimum lenght : 1 week

Period : All year

Our schools in Paris

Famous for its rich history, beautiful architecture and cultural diversity, Paris boasts being one of the most visited cities in the world. It is the exclusive city of style and culture with its numerous museums, art galleries, theatres, operas, fashion boutiques, restaurants. It offers 24-hour entertainment, and not to mention the pleasure of going to a street market or just sitting in a café to watch the world go by! Located in the heart of Paris in a typical Parisian building not far from the Opera, near cinemas, theatres, cafés and restaurants, and the famous «Grands magasins», the school Opera offers optimal conditions for learning the language and discovering French culture: 20 bright modern classrooms, a library (books and DVDs) and a cyber cafeteria (5 computers and free wi-fi internet access).The other school : Victor Hugo is located conveniently close to the Champs-Elysées and the Eiffel Tower. The atmosphere is lively and international, the school hosts hundreds of students from all over the world. Our school holds classes for every level of French: General French (per week/term), Specialised French, Au Pair Courses,French company internships, and Exam Preparation. Weekly group courses Long-term courses Private lessons.

Our school in Nice

Nice is situated in the south of France on the Côte d'Azur and has 400.000 inhabitants. It is an old historic city also known for its boulevard, La Promenade des Anglais, the lively old quarter and the wide sweep of Mediterranean seafront. The language school was founded in Nice, France in 1994. The school is right in the centre of Nice: 15 min away from the beach, 5 min from the train station. All amenities are a few steps away. The school is only a ten minute walk away from the Baie des Anges and to the vieille ville, the old city and has 17 classrooms, all well-appointed and air-conditioned. There is a multimedia learning centre with an audio-laband a computer space (free access to Internet). In the lounge or cafeteria, students can buy snacks and drinks from the vending machines.

Our school in Bordeaux

Ideally situated in Bordeaux 's city centre, our school holds classes for all levels in General French, Specialised French (Business, Legal, Medical, etc.), as well as Exam Preparation (TEF, DELF, TCF) and training for French teachers.Bordeaux, the 9th most populated French city, is a vibrant regional capital and a university center welcoming 90,000 students each year, but also a city steeped in history. In June 2007, thanks to its exceptional urban and architectural unity, Bordeaux made its entry on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. A rich variety of cultural events, lively nightlife, majestic architecture, world-famous vineyards and gastronomy make Bordeaux and its region a must for all visitors to France!The location offers students a great opportunity to easily discover Bordeaux’s immense cultural heritage! Many activities are also available: gastronomy, wine tours or excursions... Enough to meet all expectations!

Our school in Biarritz

Biarritz is located in the heart of Basque country, a region with a strong cultural identity which has managed to preserve its traditions and lifestyle. Rightfully called the “surfing capital of Europe”, this jewel of the Atlantic Coast has a unique charm and atmosphere.The school is located in a residential district of Biarritz, near the railway station and airport, and twenty minutes by bus from the centre and the beach. The major attractions are the beautiful Biarritz beaches and the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities: surf, golf, rafting... Biarritz is a great getaway destination!


In a host family

Staying in a French family is the first step to approach a country, its citizens and language. The school is in contact with a hundred families selected carefully. The student will feel welcomed and at home. The accommodations are confortable, in a secure and calm place and between 5 and 20 minutes from the school by bus or by walking. It is possible to book a single or a double room with breakfast, half board or full board. The first day the family will explain to the student how to go to the school.

Student residence

Simple confort but reasonable prices. Limited beds.

In appartment (3 stars)

Really close to the school and the beach (for Nice). Every appartments are furnished.

In a hotel

We can book a room according to your needs (1-4 stars). (Prices on request)


All destinations offer lots of possibilities to go out and have fun : theatre, concert, international sport manifestations, night clubs, pubs, restaurants, casinos, sport facilities or simply go swimming in the sea.


  • 3 commentated visits per week (monuments, museums...) : tuesday, thursday and friday,

  • 1 show or 1 special evening per week on average,

  • 1 excursion per month

  • Preferential prices for Disneyland and the Paris boat taxis


    Monaco, Cannes... the Picasso museum in Antibes, Chagall and Matisse museums, The Museum of Modern Art and Contemporary Art of Nice... water sports, round of golf next to the school, ski 1hour from Nice...


    (at least 1 month before the beginning of the course)

    - Fulfill the enrollment form and send it with a 130 € cheque to Euroma.



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  • Program

    Intensive weekly courses :

    The school offers French courses for foreigners of 20, 26 or 30 lessons per week for Paris, Nice, Bordeaux and Biarritz. You can choose the number of weeks you want to learn French with your own pace. The pedagogy is focused on the revision and the improvement of the grammar, vocabulary, pronounciation, the written and oral expression and the listening.

    Intensive quarterly courses :

    For all destinations : 20, 26 o 30 lessons weekly. We give a particular attention to the 4 teaching methods : written French, read French, spoken French and listened French. Regular exercices and a teaching assistance are guarantees of quick improvements.


    Intensive weekly courses in Paris-Victor Hugo

      20 courses 26 courses 30 courses
    1 to 4 weeks 220€/week 290€/week 336€/week
    4 to 7 weeks 219€/week 276€/week
    8 to 11 weeks 208/week 262€/week 308€/week


    Intensive weekly courses in Paris-Opéra

      20 courses groups from 4 to 6 20 courses groups from 8 to 10 26 courses groups from 4 to 6 26 courses groups from 8 to 10
    1 to 3 weeks 518€/week 259€/week 660€/week 330€/week
    4 to 7 weeks 492€/week 246€/week 627€/week 314€/week
    8 to 11 weeks 468€/week 234€/week 596€/week 298€/week
    12 weeks and over 444€/week 222€/week 566€/week 283€/week

    Intensive Weekly courses in Nice
      20 courses groups from 4 to 6 20 courses groups from 10 to 12 26 courses groups from 4 to 6 26 courses groups from 10 to 12 30 courses groups from 4 to 6 30 courses groups from 10 to 12
    1 to 3 weeks 460€/week 230€/week 580€/week 290€/week 672€/week 336€/week
    4 to 7 weeks 437€/week 219€/week 551€/week 276€/week 643€/week 322€/week
    8 to 11 weeks 415€/week 208€/week 523€/week 262€/week 615€/weeek 308€/week
    12 weeks and over 394€/week 197€/week 497€/week 249€/wek 589€/week 295€/week

    Weekly Intensive courses in Bordeaux
      20 courses groups from 4 to 6 20 courses groups from 10 to 12 26 courses groups from 4 to 6 26 courses groups from 10 to 12 30 courses groups from 4 to 6 30 courses groups from 10 to 12
    1 to 3 weeks 500€/week 250€/sweek 610€/week 305€/weeek 710€/week 355€/weeks
    4 to 7 weeks 460€/week 230€/week 580€/week 290€/week 680€/week 340€/week
    8 to 11 weeks 423€/week 212€/week 551€/week 275€/week 650€/week 325€/week
    12 weeks and over 389€/week 195€/week 523€/week 261€/week 622€/week 311€/week

    Intensive weekly courses in Biarritz (may to september)
      20 courses groups from 4 to 6 20 courses groups from 10 to 12 26 courses groups from 4 to 6 6 26 courses groups from 10 to 12
    1 to 3 weeks 550€/week 275€/week 610€/week 305€/week
    4 to 7 weeks 506€/week 253€/week 580€/week 290€/week
    8 to 11 weeks 466€/week 233€/week 551€/week 275€/week
    12 weeks and over 428€/week 214€/week 523€/week 261€/week



    Private lessons (1 course = 45 minutes)


    Paris Victor Hugo, Nizza, Bordeaux, Biarritz : 65 € per person. From 5 to 19 courses : 60 € and from 20 +, 58 € ;

    Paris Opéra :70 € per person. From 5 to 19 courses : 65 € and from 20 + : 63 € .

    Courses of french and french Fashion are also available in our schools in Paris.















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