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Age minimum: 16 years old

Minimum duration: 2 weeks

Period: all the year

Introduction to the programme

This English programme will get you at an upper level of English. If you want to study or work abroad, you need to be confident in your communication skills. After following thoses courses, you can attend one of 50 universities and colleges through Australia.

The school offers language courses in different cities of Australia. You can choose to study in a dynamic city like Sydney, or to study in a tropical paradise like Darwin or Brisbane! This programme is here to help you reach your objectives faster.

5 reasons to go study in Australia:

  • Worldwide leader into student training for the success of their studies,
  • Possibility to enter in more than 50 universities,
  • Choose the more adapted courses, where you want,
  • A lot of services and ressources as support,
  • Qualified and experimented teachers, certified programmes.


      Sydney Bondi Manly Perth Brisbane Darwin
    Single room, in family 275 $ 275 $ 275 $ 260 $ 250 $ 280 $
    Single room, in family (extra night) 40 $ 40 $ 40 $ 38 $ 36 $ 40 $
    Double room, in family 255 $ 255 $ 255 $ 240 $ 230 $ 250 $

    Double room, in family (extra night)

    37 $ 37 $ 37 $ 35 $ 33 $ 36 $
    Alone, under 18, in a family 300 $ 300 $ 300 $ 280 $ 270 $ 300 $
    Alone, under 18, in a family (extra night) 43 $ 43 $ 43 $ 41 $ 39 $ 43 $

    Registration for accomodation: 250$ (Australian Dollars)




    Sydney Bondi Manly Perth Brisbane Darwin
    131 $ 131 $ 131 $ 110 $ 115 $ 100 $



    o Fill up the application form and send it back to us at info@euroma.info! We will get back to you when the courses' disponibility will be checked.



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    Programmes :

    * General English (Intensive) :

    This programme is perfect if you want to improve your language skills. This programme focuses on the main 4 basic skills: speak, listen, read and write. The students of this programme will also learn how to deal with daily life situations. Those courses are proposed in Sydney, Cairns, Darwin, Brisbane.

    • Hours: from 8:20am to 2:30pm or from 10:25am to 4:35pm,
    • Hours per week: 25 (included 5 hours of studies in autonomy),
    • Duration: from 2 to 52 weeks,
    • Maximum amount of students: 15 (13 on average),
    • Level: mainly advanced,
    • Possibility of part time: yes,
    • Around all Australia.

    Why choose this programme?

    • Available all year around, wherever in Australia, for all levels,
    • The intensive programme is ideal to enhance the apprenticeship,
    • Full range of activities and e-learning,
    • Programmes especially conceived for daily life situations,
    • Regular checks and planning of the studies in autonomy.

    * Preparation for the IELTS Exam

    The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is the most known of all the English tests because it is highly asked for universities' admission, and for the demand of the Australian VISA.

    The range of levels is going from beginners (1) to expert (9). The IELTS details 4 main skills to provide a general score. Universities usually ask for a score of 6, or more.

    • During the day from 10:25am to 4:35pm,
    • Hours per week : 20 + 5 hours of practical tests,
    • Duration: 8 weeks,
    • Maximum amount of students: 15,
    • Lowest level accepted: Intermediate,
    • Available cities: Sydney, Bondi, Manly, Brisbane, Cairns, Perth, Hawthorn-Melbourne.

    Please note the IELTS exam will be held in the closest exam center of your study area. Results are given after 2 weeks, approximately. A pre-qualifying test is necessary to ensure a place on the course.

    5 good reasons to join this programme:

    • Intensive courses to enhance your score to the IELTS,
    • Focus on the 4 main skills: speak, listen, read and write,
    • Techniques teached by experimented teachers,
    • Trying sessions of the exam are included,
    • In Sydney, it is possible to do the teast directly at the IELTS center.


    * Preparation courses for the TOEIC

    The TOEIC is an English test specialised for International communication. It's a guarantee of oral and written comprehension, very popular, especially in Europe and Asia. The intensive English programme, of 4 weeks, will teach you all the techniques you need to know in business. A lot of universities and business schools, all over the world (particularly in Japan, Korea and France), ask the candidates to have a 700 or more at the TOEIC.

    • Hours: from 10:25am to 4:35pm,
    • Number of hours per week: 20 + 5 hours of practical tests,
    • Duration: 4 weeks,
    • Maximum amount of students: 15,
    • Required English level: intermediate,
    • Availables cities: Bondi, Brisbane and Perth.

    Please note the TOEIC exam will be held in authorised TOEIC centers. Results are given after a weeks, approximately. A pre-qualifying test is necessary to ensure a place on the course.

    Why study for the TOEIC with this programme?

    • Intensive courses during 4 weeks in small groups,
    • Qualified teachers,
    • Focus on tips and tricks for the day of the test,
    • Aptitude test towards jobs and business schools,
    • All our centers are certified by the TOEIC.




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