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jobs spain


Jobs in Spain


Age: 18 until 35 years old

Duration: From 8 to 26 weeks.

Minimum level of English: From intermediate to B2

Price: 680 €

The + of this programme:

- Paid job: 200€ per month

- Accomodation is provided during the job duration.

- Improve your Spanish level with an immersion in the country and in the work culture.

Paid work in Spain

A Paid Job Program in Spain is a very exciting experience; just think about the Spanish way of life!... The paid job Program will give you the opportunity for a full Spanish Experience! We offer you this unique opportunity to work in Spain, practice your spanish and self finance your stay, providing quality programs and service.


Maiorca, Barcellona, Malaga, Marabella, Grenada, Cadiz, Gerona, Canaries Islands, etc.

jobs spain

Work sectors

We propose jobs in different sectors:

- Kitchen assistant,

- Room maid,

- Waiter,

- Bar person,

- Reception (only for high spanish level),

- Laundry,

- Maintenance,

- Animator,

- General assistant,

- Restauration,


During August, a lot of activities are closed because of summer vacation.





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Description of the programme

If the candidate doesn't have the requested level in spanish, he would have to follow intensive spanish courses, in a class of ten (tops).

Courses price:

- 40 lessons - 2 weeks: 290€

- 60 lessons - 3 weeks: 435€

- 80 lessons - 4 weeks: 580€

During courses, there is no accomodation provided.

Accomodation prices


Single room (per week)

Double room (per week)

In appartment
110€ 95€
In family half board
140€ 130€
In family full board
150€ 140€

Included in the programme:

- Accomodation and meals,

For double room : only with friend or family.

- 24/7 emergency assistance programme,

- Tutoring.

Not included in the programme:

- Flights,

- Travel insurance.

How do I apply ?

- fill the application form with an identity picture,

- present a resume and a cover letter, written in spanish,

- a full body picture,

- a Health Certificate,

- a photocopy of the passport or of the identity card,

- The "Terms and Conditions" sheet signed,

- Police Check Record,

- A copy of the European health insurance and a copy of the insurance contract RC,

- 310 € for enrollment and caution to be paid once the demand has been accepted,

- 370 € once the stage is confirmed.








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Health Questionnaire
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Application form
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Terms and Conditions
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