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Minimum age: 18

Duration: 1 to 6 months of work + 2 weeks minimum of classes

When: anytime during the year

Accommodation: accommodation in families or residences

Minimum level of English: Intermediate level of English requested B2

Conditions: being European

Price: from 820 €


Ireland: In the Northwest of Europe, Ireland is a place where even time get lost... With ancient myths and legends to discover, amazing green landscape and blue ocean to explore, and locals who will be more than happy to reveal secrets stories... The past, and its history, and the present make the future bright even more!

Work details

Work placements in Dublin can be from 4 to 24 weeks and are available in a range of sectors including: administration, communication and media, electronic and electrical maintenance, finance and accounting, IT (software and hardware), logistics, marketing and business, mechanical maintenance, sales, tourism (hotel and catering), etc.

The salary is about 400 € per month, for more than 16 weeks of work (for less than 16 weeks of work, there is no salary).

The work is on a base of 40 hours per week.





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This programme is divided in 3: first, the candidate will be contacted by a society from Dublin for an interview and a english level test (reminder: you should have an intermediate level, B2 or more). Secondly, the candidate will have to follow classes in Ireland for 2 or 4 weeks (before starting the job). Finally, the candidate will have a job in a society from Dublin.

The work placement will be done in function of the previous studies of the candidate.


The candidate will be placed in families or in a residency with a single or a double room.


Classes and job:

- 2 weeks of class + 4 to 16 weeks of work: 820 €

- 2 weeks of class + 17 weeks or more of work: 1140 €

- 4 weeks of class + 4 to 16 weeks of work: 1240 €

- 4 weeks of class + 17 weeks or more of work: 1560 €

The material for 2 weeks is free. It's 30 € for 4 weeks.


Families: single room 185 € per week; double room 175 € per week (+10€ during the summer, from the June 25th to September 14th)

Residence: single room 215 € per week; double room 185 € per week.


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