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1) When do you have to apply to work as an au pair ?

You have to apply at least 8 weeks before leaving. The earlier you apply, the easier it will be to find a family that suits you well.

2) Can I choose the country and the city where I will work ?

You can choose the country as long as you speak the language. As far as the city is concerned, it depends on the requests of the families.

3) How long can you work as an au pair ?

During the school year, families want their au pair to stay for 6 to 10 months. In summer, it is possible to work from 1 to 4 months only.

4) You are American, New Zelander, Australian, British, Irish or an English-speaking European and you want to work as an au pair. Is it possible ?

It is possible in Italy, France, Spain, Germany…In Italy, many families are looking for English-speaking au pairs even if they don’t speak italian.

5) Are male au pairs accepted ?

Even if most families prefer female au pairs, males are accepted.

6) Is working as an au pair a work contract ?

No it is not. Working as an au pair is a “cultural exchange programme”; it is not a work contract.

7) Can you change your host family if you do not get along ?

If your relationship with your family is bad and if we do not manage to improve it, you can cancel the agreement, in this case you contact your agency for eventually changing family, as long as you respect the time notice. But this solution is only used as a last resort.

8) Can I work again with a family for which I have already worked ?

Yes, you can. If the family for which you have already worked asks for an au pair, we will give them your file.

9) Do you have the opportunity to study ?

Yes, it is possible for you to study languages during the school year .

10) Can host families ask you to work more than the timetable that was drew up ?

If you accept it for more money, it is possible.

11) Why should you choose Euroma ?

Euroma certifies that the families are reliable. It is part of the IAPA, International Au Pair Association : it is an agency that protects au pairs’ and families’ rights. Euroma gives you advice, organizes social events and helps you during your stay to make it as pleasant as possible.

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